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Join the fascinating and creative world of books and help make better ones!

About your instructor

Are you ready to add publishing assistance to your VA skills?

Last year 2.2 million books were published! As authors gain traction with their writing and sales, they start looking to outsource the type of work that virtual assistants, graphic designers, and marketers are brilliant at doing.

But authors are looking for a special type of assistant:

✅ “…good Virtual Assistants who are used to working with Authors.”

✅ “Someone who can listen and learn.”

✅ “As a designer, I have author clients seeking help setting up and running their online marketing. I'd love to have a list of VAs who specialise in publishing so I can refer them on.”


❎ “One VA I spoke to didn’t want to hear anything about my business. Apparently she knows much better with no books than someone who’s been publishing for years.”

❎ “The difficulty is finding VAs who know anything about book promotion.”

❎ “Just sacked my third VA for not knowing how the book buying system works and being too arrogant to learn.”


YOU can help good authors publish better books

Would you like to learn the admin side of publishing from someone who is not just an author, but also an editor, a publisher, and a writing coach?

I can show you how every part of the process works, so that you can be that VA who knows how to work with authors, who has a good overview of the publishing industry, and who understands book promotion and the industry-specific buying system.

You'll be able to begin offering a range of author assistance packages from the very first module. AND: discover the open source and free software I use to publish on a tiny budget. You can offer services with almost zero monthly outlay other than what you already have on your computer!

If you love books and all things publishing, get involved in this fascinating and creative arena today!

What we'll cover

  • Understanding the author you're working for so you can optimise your time together

  • The different ways you can help with the research and planning phases

  • Supporting your author through the writing, editing, and proofreading stages

  • Essential elements of book cover design and interior formatting

  • The steps of ebook creation

  • The publishing process and the admin tasks you can fulfil

  • Organising a book launch

  • Book marketing and promotion


  • Email support for your first month, in case you get stuck or need advice.

  • A video or email interview to assess the skills you've learnt, where you can also ask any further questions you still have.

  • Based on your interview, you may be eligible for inclusion on the Author's Assistants Business Directory* on Fully Booked Author - an ideal place for authors to find a VA with publishing knowledge.


You should already have an established business as a Virtual Assistant, admin assistant, business manager, graphic designer, bookkeeper, social media manager, or the like, as this course will build on your current skills, and will not be able to advise you on the practicalities of setting up a VA business. You will need to organise your own client contracts/agreements, insurance, etc. It will take time and effort to learn the publishing industry and the skills you'll need to assist authors and publishers. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money, this is not the course for you. Your success is entirely up to you and is not guaranteed. You will need to make your own enquiries for work. Attendance and/or completion of this course and/or inclusion on the Author Assistants Business Directory does not constitute any sort of offer of work or guarantee of a job placement. By proceeding, you understand and agree that this course is taken at your own risk.

The legacy version of this course will be created with your input and feedback. There may be a learning curve for me, too, as I teach this course for the first time. You'll have lifetime access to the refined versions of all modules, as well as any updates and improvements to the content.

*On successful completion of the course and assessment interview, you'll have the opportunity to provide your details for inclusion on the Author Assistants Business Directory on the Fully Booked Author website and courses for authors.

In association with Seal Lane Media and Fully Booked Author.

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  • 1 hour on-demand video

  • Full lifetime access

  • Downloadable resources and swipe files

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion

  • Personalised support